22 December, 2015

Islahi Bayanaat

Book of Corrective Speeches ( Islahi Bayanat ) a beautiful book and personally when I read this book in hard copy I empress by the stuff of this book so i decide at that time that I will try my best to search and paste the Book link on my blog Best Islamic Urdu Books because this book is so much interesting that any one who are reading this book he want to continuous reading this book. Basically this book have some true stories or you can say moment of Great Islamic history of Muslims and Sahaba Karam (Allah un say razi ho). So must read some pages of this book and then tell me your feeling in comments about this book I assure that you will get big knowledge in this book. So read and share with friends on Facebook and other social media.


This Book Link:(will be open in new window so not worry) 

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