Way of Islamic Bathing

This is beautiful Book about bathing.It cover many topic like Islamic way of Bathing, wastage of water during bathing is not allowed in Islam.The difference of Lady bathing and gents bathing, The bathing under shower, the bathing into the river or sea and the bathing in Bathroom, When bathing is important for Muslim mean whose are the occasion on which bathing is very important for Muslim or Non Muslim. so read this book for complete way and knowledge of bathing. Share this beautiful Islamic Book with friends on Facebook and twitter.Benefits of Bathing With Cold Water and Warm water.

Mostly people generally want to bath in warm water than cold water. In fact, with more cold shower health benefits that you can get a hot shower instead.

You must know that a cold shower can help boost metabolism, prevent post-exercise muscle injury and regulate levels of uric acid in your body. There are few other benefits of a cold shower that you can get Healthmeup quoted as saying the following:

(a). Male fertility: Perhaps there are very few people know this fact, that a cold shower can increase fertility in men. On the other hand, a hot shower is bad for your testicles, because it can potentially lower the sperm count. If you want to plan on having a child, it's time to bathe in cold water. Think again if you plan to visit the sauna or steam bath.

(b). Increase blood circulation to remove toxins: When the cold water on the surface of the skin, blood vessels beneath the skin will shrink. This reduces the blood circulation, but at the same time the mechanism of blood pressure and it will automatically destroy the target tissue. This causes the blood to circulate with greater impetus, so that blood flow becomes stronger in the increasing circulation.

(c). Build up immunity:if You want to increase white blood cells. Bathe in cold water, because it will increase your metabolism, which in turn increases body heat and revive the immune system by releasing white blood cells.

(d). Increase metabolism: When a person feels cold, they will usually wear a sweater to warm the body. As, when your body is doused in cold water, your body will automatically produce heat, which makes the body's metabolism to increase rapidly. That's when carbohydrates and fats are burned to make you feel warm.

(e). Prevent injury: When you perform physical activity, the muscles will become inflamed and you need time to make your muscles become relaxed. To increase strength and muscle mass, your muscle fibers will swell and shrink. Therefore, to prevent rupture of muscle fibers due to excessive physical activity, wash with cold water.

(f). Additional benefits: a cold shower can reduce chronic pain, reduce body aches, improve hair health, kidney function, reduce inflammation and regulate the autonomic nervous system.

(g). Cold water and the rhythms of the body: Cold water can deepen your breathing and helps fight fatigue. Even if you are having trouble sleeping, take a cold shower membrane believed to be sleeping more soundly. So you must prefer the cold water on warm water for bating.

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How are your children


This is beautiful book about your children mean your generation. This book have many topics like rites of parent, the responsibilities of children and the same time responsibilities of parents. Our children are our identification which may be good or bad it depend on us mean parents.If give the good manners to your children they will behave better in your old age.You should be justice between your children and behave them equally specially Between daughters and son. So you must read this Book and share with friends on Facebook and twitter. And download free from this blog.Follow these steps for the health of your children.Strength training is the practice of using free weights, weight machines, and rubber resistance bands, or body weight to build muscles. With resistance the muscles have to work harder to move. When the muscles work harder, they grow stronger and more efficient and correctely.
Strength training can also help fortify the ligaments and tendons that support the muscles and bones and improve bone density, which is the amount of calcium and minerals in the bone. And the benefits may go beyond physical health. Young athletes may feel better about themselves as they get stronger.
The goal of strength training is not to bulk up. It should not be confused with weight lifting, bodybuilding, and powerlifting, which are not recommended for kids and teens. In these sports, people train with very heavy weights and participate in modeling and lifting competitions. Kids and teens who do those sports can risk injuring their growing bones, muscles, and joints.
Age Guidelines
Generally, if your child is ready to participate in organized sports or activities such as baseball, soccer, or gymnastics, it is usually safe to start strength training.
A child's strength-training program shouldn't just be a scaled-down version of an adult's weight training regimen. A trainer who has experience in working with kids should design a program for your child and show your child the proper techniques, safety precautions, and how to properly use the equipment.
Kids as young as 7 or 8 years old can usually do strength-training activities such as pushups and sit-ups as long as they show some interest, can perform the exercises safely, and follow instructions. These exercises can help kids build a sense of balance, control, and awareness of their bodies.
Specific exercises should be learned without resistance. When proper technique is mastered, small amounts of resistance body weight, band, or weight can be added. In general as kids get older and stronger, they can gradually increase the amount of resistance they use. A trained professional can help your child determine what the appropriate weight may be.

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Searching Of Good bride or Groom for marriage


A beautiful Book about the searching of Good bride or groom for marriage of daughters and sons. which qualities are must be available in your searching relations, which is best Love marriage or Arrange marriage, Major stoppages in daughters marriage, best time of marriage, why tallaq is so early in marriage life what are major reasons behind Tallaq, The All these topic and much more cover this Book so read this book and share with friends on Facebook and twitter and download free.Researching female ancestors is a challenge for many reasons, not the least of which is the status of women in earlier times, which limited their rights and prevented their names from appearing in official records. The issue has been further complicated with the practice of women taking their husband's name after marriage, in many ways erasing her past. And the further back we go, when less is known on a first-hand basis, the more complicated the task.
However, there are many records that can reveal the maiden names of our female ancestors and many others that can be used in combination to suggest and confirm. And because some of the sources may not be as accessible as others or may be more intimidating to research, beginning researchers may avoid them altogether. Fortunately, more and more of records are being digitized and indexed, creating greater access; but networking with others is also key in accessing information -- different people may have different parts of the puzzle and you may find someone who has already researched the record you need.One very good way to begin networking to find a female ancestor's maiden name is create a Message Board query and put it out there for the world to see, and it may not be a distant relative that responds, but someone else with the knowledge and a generous spirit. At the same time, be sure to verify the accuracy of any work obtained from others.
One key point to make if you are having difficulty in locating your ancestor's maiden name is to look beyond her records to of all records of her siblings, children, husband, and extended family  on this step cannot be overstated. In addition, you may very well find key information in the records of others with whom your ancestor was associated. for example, you may not be able to tell at first glance if one of those others  is a relative: whenever you find associated names of others in the course of your research, follow it through.There are many places where a woman's maiden name might be found, and the "best" record is the one that contains the information So, in effect, there is no "best" record. The following are some of the more likely and accessible places to check, along with some that might very well contain maiden names but require a little more digging.

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Marriage Problems and Their Islamic solutions

A Book about the marriage problems and their Islamic solutions. It is very Beautiful book which has many topics like, why the husband and wife are facing different problems in their beautiful marriage life.Stories of different persons that are facing such problems like Unlucky man, Unlucky women.In this book beautiful directions are available if wife and husband follow that directions their problems definitely finished. So read this book share your friends on Facebook and twitter. You can also Download this Book on free of cast on this Blog.Make an actual appointment with each other, Shimberg says. If you live together, put the cell phones on vibratration, put the children to bed, and let voicemail pick up your phone calls.If you can't communicate without raising your voices, go to a public spot like the library, park,visiting point or restaurant where you'd be embarrassed if anyone saw you screaming.Set up some rules and regulation. Try not to interrupt until your partner is through speaking, or ban phrases such as You always or You never.Use body language to show you're listening. Don’t doodle, look at your watch, or pick at your nails. Nod so the other person knows you're getting the message, and rephrase if you need to. For instance, say, What I hear you saying is that you feel as though you have more chores at home, even though we're both working. If you're right, the other can confirm. If what the other person really meant was, Hey, you're a slob and you create more work for me by having to pick up after you, he or she can say so, but in a nicer way.These are some solution for married persons.

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Four Marriages of women at One time


Why the four marriages of women at single time is not allowed in Islam. Know the basic reasons behind that. The major reason is that their is no identification of children and their fathers.Trues stories of that problems.Increasing women’s access to modern contraceptive methods alone will not satisfy their unmet need for contraception, according to “Reasons for Contraceptive Nonuse Among Women Having Unmet Need for Contraception in Developing Countries like USA and Uk a new study by Gilda Sedgh and Rubina Hussain of the Guttmacher Institute. The most common reasons married women give for not using a contraceptive method despite wanting to avoid a pregnancy have less to do with whether they can obtain contraceptives and much more to do with concerns about possible health risks of side effects or their belief that they do not have sex frequently enough to warrant using a single method.Among married women who were not using contraceptives, on average 4-8% of those in Asia, Africa and Latin America attributed their non use to lack of access. However, in a few countries, lack of access was a significant barrier. This reason for nonuse was cited by 18–23% of women in Benin, Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville, Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea, and by 17% of women in the Philippines.The researchers found that 23–28% of married women in all three regions who had an unmet need for contraception said they were not using a method because they had experienced or were worried about side effects or health risks. These concerns were especially prevalent in Southeastern Asia (36%) and Eastern Africa (32%). Concerns about side effects and health risks were significantly more common in countries with high levels of unmet need than in countries with the lowest levels of unmet need.The sevey, which analyzed data from the most recent Demographic and Health Surveys of 51 developing countries, found that approximately one-third of married women seeking to avoid pregnancy in Latin America and Asia and one-fifth of such women in Africa reported that infrequent sex was a primary reason for nonuse. In Asia, nonuse for this reason is becoming more common and was especially prevalent in Nepal (73%) and Bangladesh (58%). The authors suggest that an increase in the number of couples who live apart because of labor migration might help explain this phenomenon.There is a pressing need to further strengthen family planning services to ensure that they provide women with counseling on their risk of pregnancy, with information on possible side effects and health risks of specific methods, and with a wide range of methods to choose from,” said Sedgh. “The findings also highlight the need for investment in new technologies that better address the concerns and needs of womenin cluding methods with fewer side effects that are easily used by women who have sex infrequently.A substantial number of women across the developing world reported that they were not using contraceptives because they had recently given birth or were breast-feeding. Exclusive breast-feeding is considered an effective method of contraception if the woman has given birth within the last six months and has not resumed her menstrual cycle. However, in 43 of the countries studied, fewer than half of the women who cited breast-feeding as their reason for nonuse met these conditions.These findings come at a critical moment, as the international community and national governments increasingly recognize that meeting women’s contraceptive needs not only promotes their health and well-being, but also enhances gender equity, reduces poverty and strengthens societies said Susan Cohen, Acting Vice President for Public Policy at the Guttmacher Institute.The study provides key insights from women themselves that should guide future investments, policies and programs to enable more women to meet their childbearing goals and more countries to meet their development goals and tasks.you will get the treasure of knowledge in this book so must read this book and share with friends on Facebook and twitter .You can Also download This Book.

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Going to Graveyard Of Women

This Book is related this topic that why the women are not allowed to going in graveyard in Islam.what are reasons behind this.Ladies are also not allowed to going to mosque.We heard that the reasons behind women not being able to visit the graveyard is because the people in the graves are able to see people that are alive. But this doesn't make any sense to us, and we are little confused, because our sisters and mothers would like to visit our relatives graves, and have visited, but we feel awkward not knowing if it is permissible or not?
we don't see anything wrong with it my self, but please do clarify this situation.The reason for prohibiting women from visiting graves is the ahaadeeth of the Prophet (peace be upon him) mentioned in question #127. It is not because dead people can see their visitors. This reason is invalid and the rules of the world of the dead people are different from the rules dealing with the world of living people. If the reason for prohibition was the ability of the deceased to see people who are alive naked, then it would also be prohibited for men to visit the graves.You need to encourage your mother and sister to make du'aa (supplication) for your frelatives, as this offers the greatest benefit to the deceased, and it is much better than the the visit. Tell them that this du'aa will benefit him whenever and wherever the person making the du'aa is, whether he or she is near the grave or far away from it.We ask Allaah to have mercy upon your deceased, and to give you patiencefor your loss. The person that is inside the grave is see the women or men who goes to his grave , Read this beautiful Book this book have many topics related women so all women read this book and tried to avoid to go the grave yard.you must share this book with friends and relatives on face book and twitter .

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Seerat Hazrat Ali yul Murtaza ( Radhi Allahu Anho)

This Book show the Complete life of Hazrat Ali yul (Murtaza Radhi Allahu Anho).It was Friday 13th of Rajab 30 Amulfeel Hazrat Fatima binte Asad, the wife of Hazrat Abu Talib entered the precincts of the Kaaba and prayed to Allah saying O my protector ease my pain.All of a sudden the wall of the Kaaba opened up and she, as if by some unseen force went inside the Kaaba and the wall closed.‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) the youngest son of Abu Talib was born inside the Holy Kaaba. She stayed inside for three days. On the 3rd day she came out through the door and Muhammad was waiting outside. She told Muhammad (Sallalah alehe waslam) that the boy had not taken any milk. Muhammad gave him the first feed from his mouth and afterwards asked his uncle Abu Talib that he wished to adopt the baby.‘Ali entered the house of Muhammad from the very first day of his birth. ‘Ali’s mother Fatima binte Assad Also lived there who looked after his own son as well as Muhammad (Sallalah alehe waslam) so much so that later the Holy Prophet used to say that she was like his own mother.Shah Waliullah, Mohadith-e-Dehlvi writes in the book “Izalatul Kholafa” giving reference from Imam Hakim in his Mustadrak Part 3, Page 483. Qud Tawatarul Akhbar Inna Fatimah Binte Asad woledat Aliyan Fi Jaufil Kaaba”. Another writer of the old school Sibtel Jauzi in his book Tazkeratul Khawas ul Umma, page 7 mentions the same fact that ‘Ali was born inside the Kaaba.Khawja Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri mentions this fact in his famous Quartet saying that when ‘Ali was born inside the kaaba the Sky and the earth was filled with a light and Angel Gabriel announced that a child was born in the house of Allah.Maulana Rumi in his Mathnawi writes, “ O’one who travels to Najef to visit the tomb of ‘Ali must know the fact that the pearl of the Kaaba lies there to give us security because of our intense love for him.Masoodi the famous historian writes in his book of history Muruj el Zahab, that ‘Ali was born inside the Kaaba on the orders of Muhammad the Messenger of Allah.It was after the adoption of ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) that he lived with the Holy Prophet in his house.Wherever Muhammad (Sallalah alehe waslam) went ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) was with him all the time. Even in the Mountain of Hira when Muhammad (Sallalah alehe waslam)went for meditation ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) went with him most of the time. Sometimes they stayed on the mountain for 3 or 4 days. Sometimes ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) took his food there. In Nahjul Balagha ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) said that “ I used to go with the Holy Prophet like the baby camel goes with his mother.Some historians try to show that when Muhammad (Sallalah alehe waslam) declared his prophet hood ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) was the first among male children who accepted Islam. The implication here is that both Muhammad (Sallalah alehe waslam) and ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) were non -believers before this declaration.This is against the Qur'anic verdict which says that Ibrahim was a Muslim and he taught his children to be Muslims so that when the Prophet was born among the descendants of Ibrahim through the line of Ismael he was born a Muslim and so was ‘Ali. The correct thing to say would be that when Muhammad (Sallalah alehe waslam)declared his prophet hood openly ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) immediately adhered to the declaration without hesitation.The three persons seen in prayers in the Kaaba were Muhammad, Khadija and ‘Ali before anyone else accepted Islam. For 3 years young and poor persons of Makka were accepting Islam secretly. The first open declaration came when the Qora'nic verse tells the Prophet to "come out openly and warn the people of your own clan.Invitations were sent to leaders of the Banu Hashim to come to the house of Muhammad (Sallalah alehe waslam)for Dinner. Forty of them came, ate food and then heard Muhammad (Sallalah alehe waslam)about his mission of ‘ No Allah but Allah and Muhammad (Sallalah alehe waslam) as the messenger of Allah and whoever offers his help to propagate this religion will be his deputy and successor.No one stood up except ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) . After announcing this 3 times Muhammad (Sallalah alehe waslam) declared that ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) will be his deputy to his mission and will be his successor after him. People thought it as a joke that a 13 year old boy was to be a deputy of this prophetic mission.Even Abu Lahab jokingly told Abu Talib, go and obey your son to which AbuTalib smilingly accepted. ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) promised to help Muhammad (Sallalah alehe waslam) in his mission and kept this promise all his life.The next thing which we see in the life of ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) is the reflection of this promise he gave at this place in front of the leaders of the Quraish.We see ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) protecting Muhammad (Sallalah alehe waslam) from the abuses of the enemies of Islam. When Muhammad (Sallalah alehe waslam)went to Taif a nearby town to preach Islam children of Taif hurled stones and it was ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) who protected the Prophet and drove the stone throwing children away from the Prophet.As a youth ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) was strongly built, strong arms, wide chest and a very strong brave and shining face. Children of his age and even older to him were frightened of him and whenever they tried to mock the Prophet, they always ran away when they saw ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) standing by for protection.Time passed and hostility of the Quraish increased so much so that Muhammad (Sallalah alehe waslam) was ordered by Allah to leave Makka. ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) slept on Muhammad’s bed without hesitation and when the non-believers entered the house of Muhammad (Sallalah alehe waslam) to kill, they found ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) who was not afraid at all at the site of 40 swordsmen entering the house.When they questioned ‘Ali: ”where is Muhammad” he bravely replied, did you leave him in my custody? When after 3 days of Muhammad’s departure ‘Ali returned all the goods entrusted to Muhammad to their owners, he set out to leave Makka for Madina with the rest of the family.Ali (Razi Allah unho) had with him his mother Fatima binte Asad, His aunt, the wife of Hamza, and Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad (Sallalah alehe waslam) and many other ladies. Non-believers of Makka tried to stop ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) from his departure but ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) fought back, drove the infidels away and safely reached Madina. Muhammad (Sallalah alehe waslam) was waiting for the family outside the precincts of the town. He entered the city with ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) and the rest of the family.The Holy Prophet created a bond of brotherhood between the Muslims, making ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) as his Muslim brother saying O’’Ali, you are my brother in this world as well as in the next.Once the family settled in the newly adopted city of Madina their first task was to complete the mosque around which their houses were also built. ‘Ali initially stayed with his mother but when he married Fatima the daughter of the Prophet he was given a house next to the Prophet by the side of the mosque. He had been betrothed to her several days before the battle of Badr.But the marriage was celebrated three months later. ‘Ali was about 23 years old and Fatima was 18. This was most happy and celebrated marriage. The distinctiveness of their respective characters blended so well with each other that they never quarreled and complained of one another and led a happy and most contended life.Materially the couple did not possess much, spiritually they were at the highest level of assent. They had no worries if they go hungry or their clothes had patches. They would be more concerned if an orphan goes away from their door without receiving any food.History records ‘Ali’s life in Madina with the Holy Prophet for the next ten years as the busiest in defending Islam against the attackers from Makka. ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) was always the standard bearer of the Flag of Islam in all such battles and his bravery became legendary.Ibne Abil Hadid, the Motazelli commentator of Nahjul Balagha says that: ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) had a personality in which opposite characteristics had so gathered that it was difficult to believe a human mind could manifest such a combination. He was the bravest man that history could cite and such brave men are always hard hearted, cruel and eager to shed blood.On the contrary ‘Ali was kind, sympathetic, responsive and warmhearted person, qualities quite contrary to the other phase of his character and more suited to pious and Allah fearing persons.’Ali’s bravery and piety both became legendry. Life in Madina while the Holy Prophet was alive was the busiest for ‘Ali. But he remembers these times as the best times of his life. He says in Nahjul Balagha ‘Life with my brother was a life of ease and happiness.
The battles of Badr, Ohud, Khandaq and Khyber were fought in the defense if Islam and won on the hands of ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) . He was not only the standard bearer of the Flag of Islam in these battles, but always led the forces of Islam against Kufr and came out victorious. Khyber was the climax of these battles when ‘Ali’s victory brought prosperity in the Muslim ranks.Ayesha the wife of the Prophet said once that until the victory of Khyber we in the house of the Prophet spent days without food. It was only after Khyber that life at home became a little easier. Thus ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) brought an end to the hostilities of Quraish in three encounters of Badr, Ohud and Khandaq.Their best warriors were killed, their unity against Islam was crushed, their pride was humiliated and their prestige before Arab clans was lowered by him and by him alone. Khyber saw an end to the hegemony of Jews in Arabia at the hands of ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho).The peace agreement of Hodaibiya was written by ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) and at the time of the peaceful victory at Makka, the idols of the Kaaba were demolished by the Holy Prophet with the help of ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) .Details of these battles were shown in the life of the Prophet.Battle of Honain.The Victory of Makka brought many non believers into the fold of Islam. Broadly speaking there were three types who embraced Islam. Fear, greed and the true understanding of Islam and its principles. Some of the Makkans became Muslims for fear of their lives, they were afraid that the Prophet would kill them, others were simply frightened that the Holy Prophet with the help of Angel Gabriel would bring the wrath of Allah on them.Then there was greed that Islam was now victorious, so if they joined in the good life would be theirs for free. Very few of them truly understood Islam and accepted it as a true faith. The Test of their true faith came immediately after the fall of Makka while Muslims were still in the sweet pleasure of this bloodless victory, that various tribes outside Makka gathered an army of 20,000 in Taif to fight the Muslims.The hostile tribes decided to attack at a vantage point at Hunain and selected two prominent places where they concealed their archers. The Muslims were proud of their success in Makka, but their behavior during the encounter was timorous and cowardly. The Qur'an tells us this in (9:9):Allah came to your help on so many occasions, on the day of Honain, your vanity in the number of your soldiers and your arrogance did not prove any avail to you, you were badly defeated and could not find any place of shelter, you started running away without shame.This encounter took place in the month of Shawwal 8th Hijri (Jan 630 AD). When the Muslim army marched towards the place where archers were concealed the enemy opened the campaign with such a severe onslaught that the Muslim army could not stand it.Their assault was fierce and confusion in the Muslim ranks made the archers bolder and they came nearer and attacked from both flanks and from the front. The Muslims could not stand the attack and started running without putting any resistance and where not concerned to leave the Prophet alone, (see Saheeh Bukhari).The first battalion to run was the one in the command of Khalid ibne Waleed(Rauzathus Safa vol II page 137) This was followed by such a disorderly and tumultuous flight that only 10 people were left out of an army of 15,000 with the Holy Prophet. Eight of them were of Bani Hashim,(.Abbas, two of his sons, ‘Ali and three other cousins of the Holy Prophet)Abbas was shouting to the Muslims to come back, reminding them of the oath of allegiance taken and promises made, but it was to no avail. Those who accepted Islam for greed , wealth and power were not willing to risk their lives.Many of them who had carefully hidden their enmity from the rising power were happy at the defeat. They gathered round Abu Sofian, started congratulating him and saying, "The magical circle of the lying Prophet is broken,” They were praying for the return of Polytheism. 1.Once again it fell to the lot of ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) to save the Holy Prophet and the Islam. Armies of Bani Hawaazen and Banu Saqeef under cover of their archers were rushing the hillock and were getting ready for a fierce onslaught.Ali (Razi Allah unho) divided the small band of faithful true Muslims in three divisions; to Abdullah Ibne Masood, Abbas ibne Abdul Muttalib and Abu bin Harris has assigned the duty of protecting the Holy Prophet, to three he ordered to guard the rear and he himself faced the onslaught with only three warriors with him.He fought, wounded at many places, but continued fighting when he faced the commander of the hostile army, Abu Jerdal in hand to hand fight and killed him with one stroke of his sword. He alone killed over 30 of the enemy and with this bravery his aids also fought bravely and enemy was defeated.The day was saved, the commander of the enemy’s army was killed, their ranks were broken they had no courage to face ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) and they started retreating. The sight of the powerful army in retreat, made the fleeing Muslims bold and they came back as victory was won for them 2.The defensive battles were over and the peaceful spread of Islam began. ‘Ali (Razi Allah unho) was again in the forefront. He brought the whole tribe of Bani Hamdan to Islam by preaching . Similarly when he was sent to Yemen he brought the whole country in to the fold of Islam by his sermons.This news so pleased the Holy Prophet that he bowed down in Sajdah to thank Allah three times and said loudly, peace be to Bani Hamdan and to ‘Ali. Again in the year 10th of Hijra ‘Ali’s sermon and preaching proved so effective that the whole province embraced Islam as one man.In the 9th year of Hijra the famous event of Mobahela took place. Najran was a city in the province of Yemen. It was the center of Christian Missionary activities in southern Arabia. The Holy Prophet had written to the Chief Priest of the City to realize the blessings of Islam.In reply he wrote that he personally would like to discuss the teachings of this new religion. His name was Haris. He was invited and came with a group of 14 priests.These priests as guest of the Holy Prophet. Long discussions took place during the course of 4 days of their stay in Madina. When Sunday came the Chief priest wanted to go out of the city to have their Sunday Service. Prophet Islam said that they all have permission to conduct their religious service inside the mosque of the Prophet which they happily did.Long discussions continued about monotheism verses trinity and it was realized that these priests were not open minded, on the contrary they were prejudiced against monotheism. The Almighty Lord ordered the Holy Prophet to explain to that.Verily Jesus is as Adam in the sight of Allah. He created Adam from dust. He said unto him, Be, and he was. This is truth from thy Lord. be not therefore one of those who doubt, and whoever shall dispute thee, say unto them, “come let us call together our sons and your sons, our women and your women, our Selves and your Selves, then let us make imprecations and lay the curse of Allah upon those who lie.According to Bibi Ayesha when the above verse was revealed to the Apostle of Allah, he called ‘Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Husayn and said, “Lord, this is my family (Ahlul Bayt). The Holy Prophet took this small family with them to the open land outside the city where they all assembled to bring the curse of Allah on those who lie.When the Chief priest saw these faces, he told his companions that he was looking at the faces that if they call the mountain, the mountain will go them. Do not have Mobahela with them or you will be destroyed. On hearing this they all agreed to pay homage to the Holy Prophet and an annual tax for living in the Islamic State and withdrew from the scene.Designation of ‘Ali as successor to the Prophet.This Book have many page about the life of Hazrat Ali yul (Murtaza Radhi Allahu Anho).The wars in which Hazrat Ali yul (Murtaza Radhi Allahu Anho) participate and Muslim win that war.The Great leader of Muslim Hazrat Ali yul (Murtaza Radhi Allahu Anho) spend a hole life in very simple manners.You must read this great book about great personality Hazrat Ali yul (Murtaza Radhi Allahu Anho). and share with friends on Face book and twitter. you can also download this book on free of any cast.

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Treatment with Food (ILAG BIL GHiZA)

This book is treasure of knowledge for every one who is muslim or not. This book contain much more topics of food, type of different food , benefit of different kinds of foods.the benefit of vegetables and the benefit of fruits like banana ,apple,peach grapes , red grapes, mangoes,orange,melon , watermelon , guava etc. benefit of meat , goat meat, camel meat, cow meat, buffalo meat, deer meat and much more. And the treatment of different type of diseases like head ache pain in belly, pain in tooth , pain in ear, pain in eye , Eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits as part of an overall healthy diet may reduce risk for heart diseases and problems, including heart attack and stroke.Eating a diet rich in some vegetables and fruits as part of an overall healthy diet may protect against certain types of cancers and others deseasas. Diets rich in foods containing fiber, such as some vegetables and fruits, may reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes.Eating vegetables and fruits rich in potassium as part of an overall healthy diet may lower blood pressure, and may also reduce the risk of developing kidney stones and help to decrease bone loss.Eating foods such as fruits that are lower in calories per cup instead of some other higher-calorie food may be useful in helping to lower calorie intake.Most fruits are naturally low in fat, sodium, and calories. None have cholesterol.Fruits are sources of many essential nutrients that are under consumed, including potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and folate. Diets rich in potassium may help to maintain healthy blood pressure. Fruit sources of potassium include bananas, prunes and prune juice, dried peaches and apricots, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and orange juice.Dietary fiber from fruits, as part of an overall healthy diet, helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and may lower risk of heart disease. Fiber is important for proper bowel function. It helps reduce constipation and diverti culosis. Fiber-containing foods such as fruits help provide a feeling of fullness with fewer calories. Whole or cut-up fruits are sources of dietary fiber; fruit juices contain little or no fiber.Vitamin C is important for growth and repair of all body tissues, helps heal cuts and wounds, and keeps teeth and gums healthy.Folate helps the body form red blood cells. Women of childbearing age who may become pregnant should consume adequate folate from foods, and in addition 400 mcg of synthetic folic acid from fortified foods or supplements. This reduces the risks of neural tube defects, spina bifida, and anencephaly during fetal development and Much more.Really when you read this book you enjoy. read this book and share with friends on Facebook and  twitter and get lot of beautiful comments from friends, you can also download this book free of cast.

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Islamic Treatment of Different problems

This Book about the Islamic treatment of different problems. This Book cover many problems like problem of forgets the things or baby crying or weakness of Eye sight .Treatment of any kind of pain.To reduce the mouth smell. Treatment of belly pain.Treatment of ear pain, treatment of  tooth pain. Treatment of Cancer.In most people's of world minds there is no scarier diagnosis than that of cancer.  Cancer is often thought of as an untreatable, unbearably painful disease with no cure and solution. However popular this view of cancer may be, it is exaggerated and over-generalized. Cancer is undoubtedly a serious and potentially life threatening illness. It is the leading cause of death in Americans under the age of 85, and the second leading cause of death in older Americans. There will be 1.5 million new cases of cancer occurring in the USA coming year, and over 570,000 deaths because of it not including basal and squamous skin cancers which are not reported but could add another two million cases per year. However it is a conception to think that all forms of cancer are untreatable and deadly. The truth of the matter is that there are multiple types of cancer, many of which can today be effectively treated so as to eliminate, reduce or slow the impact of the disease on patients' lives. While a diagnosis of cancer may still leave patients feeling helpless and out of control, in many cases today there is cause for hope rather than hopelessness.Our goal in this section is to educate you on the basics of cancer and cancer treatment. Possessing this knowledge will, we hope, help you to better understand what cancer is, how it occurs, and how to make informed choices about cancer care options.

What is Cancer?
Your body is composed of many millions of tiny cells, each a self-contained living unit. Normally, each cell coordinates with the others that compose tissues and organs of your body. One way that this coordination occurs is reflected in how your cells reproduce themselves. Normal cells in the body grow and divide for a period of time and then stop growing and dividing. Thereafter, they only reproduce themselves as necessary to replace defective or dying cells. Cancer occurs when this cellular reproduction process goes out of control. In other words, cancer is a disease characterized by uncontrolled, uncoordinated and undesirable cell division. Unlike normal cells, cancer cells continue to grow and divide for their whole lives, replicating into more and more harmful cells.The abnormal growth and division observed in cancer cells is caused by damage in these cells' DNA (genetic material inside cells that determines cellular characteristics and functioning). There are a variety of ways that cellular DNA can become damaged and defective. For example, environmental factors (such as exposure to tobacco smoke) can initiate a chain of events that results in cellular DNA defects that lead to cancer. Alternatively, defective DNA can be inherited from your parents.As cancer cells divide and replicate themselves, they often form into a clump of cancer cells known as a tumor. Tumors cause many of the symptoms of cancer by pressuring, crushing and destroying surrounding non-cancerous cells and tissues.Tumors come in two forms; benign and malignant. Benign tumors are not cancerous, thus they do not grow and spread to the extent of cancerous tumors. Benign tumors are usually not life threatening. Malignant tumors, on the other hand, grow and spread to other areas of the body. The process whereby cancer cells travel from the initial tumor site to other parts of the body is known as metastasis.
 Treatment of any kind of pain or problem you can get the easy treatment from this book. Read himself and share with friends on facebook and twitter.you can also download this book in computer by free of cast.

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What is the Shirk and what is bidat


What is Shirk and what is Bidat. A very beautiful islamic book about bidat shirk .why muslim goes to grave etc.Acomplete guide about Shirk and Bidat .if you want the basic of Shirk or Bidat you must read this book completely. when you read this book complete you automatically get the answers of your up coming questions. So you Must read this treasure of knowledge which show the actual Islam. You can download this book in very good format. If you want to download this book click on Download button. If you want to read online this book click on Book.

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