Two Complete Books of Marriage Guide These Books are Gifts for Married Persons

These Books are Gift for married persons specially for newly married. These Books contain a lot of topic about marriage, like discussion on different types of diseases and their medically and Islamic solutions,First night of marriage in Urdu,( Suhag rat) , how celebrate the first marriage night,Farrelly advises new parents to remember they have two roles.You are both a mother and a wife or a father and a husband. You must make a pact that you will not stop being friends and lovers just because you are mums and dads.New parents “need to renegotiate” their relationship, Farrelly believes. He urges them: “Make a plan. Set a division of labor and time, and make a commitment to having fun and recreation in your life.I found Farrelly’s chapter on the relationship a married couple has with the spouse’s families of origin of considerable interest, especially since it imparts some fairly obvious and important  insights in a down-to-earth manner not often heard. When it comes to repeating sometimes negative patterns of life learned in their families of origin, Farrelly says.“Remember that you are not your parents! Sure, you share many of the same strengths and weaknesses, but you have the power to make different decisions. … If you don’t want to repeat the mistakes of your parents, learn from them.The author’s analysis of family-of-origin issues is insightful throughout. Let me single-out two other comments he makes.Part of what it means to have your own identity as a couple is that conflicts are resolved without the involvement of in-laws.Respect your mother-in-law and father-in law. Remember, they are the parents of someone very special – your spouse. If you are a parent of a married child, your son-in-law or daughter-in-law is very special because they are your child’s life partner. That said, it is best for each family to realize the independence of the other.For me, Farrelly’s discussion of communication was his book’s most compelling chapter. He distinguishes clear from vague communication, open from guarded and honest from dishonest, and concludes, “Simply put, there are two ways to communicate with others; effectively and ineffectively.For Farrelly, effective communication is direct and to the point; assertive – that is, “not afraid to state what is wanted or why”; congenial; clear; open, with “no intentionally hidden messages or meanings”; verbal – that is, “words are used to clearly express ideas”; two-way, with “equal amounts of talking and listening.In addition, effective communication is responsive, meaning attention is paid “to the needs and perspective of the other person”; on track, meaning it “correctly interprets responses and needs of the other person; and honest, meaning that “true feelings, thoughts and needs are stated.It takes “considerable practice” to become able to articulate thoughts and to be “certain that your spouse understands what you wish to say,” Farrelly writes. However, he states, “communication and relationships are inseparable; you cannot have a relationship with someone” without communicating with that person. Rites of wife and the rites of Husband, How you can enjoy the married life, So complete read this Book and enjoy, share with friends on facebook and twitter.


A beautiful Book about Hallala is in front of you.The main topic in this book cover many topics like what is hallala , types of Hallala , Hallala is allowed or not in Islam, why we do the Hallala, What are the major issues behind the this state that hallala is required. Your read this Book complete and share with friends on Facebook and twitter easily and also download this book completely on free of any cast.

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Birth Control in Islam

A book about the birth control in Islam.Birth control is also known as family planning. The gap between children is very important for the women and children.Birth control is allowed or not in Islam. Different  ways of birth control and their benefits and side effects are completely written in this book.In general, it is permissible to use birth control to prevent pregnancy, and it is (also) permitted to use the (various) forms of birth control.If becoming pregnant would lead to a danger or hazard to the woman’s life, then the woman is permitted – for as long as there is a probability of her life being in danger – to employ the methods of birth control and it does not make any difference if the danger (to her life) is immediate or if it would come about later on.The religiously approved methods which one may make use of to prevent pregnancy include. Birth control by using devices such as an I.U.D. (Intrauterine Device), condoms or the injection of a drug (to prevent pregnancy) and other things such as these.) Natural methods of birth control: This would include Coitus Interruptus or ejaculating outside of the wife. However if this method of birth control leads to other forms of physical or mental illness for the woman and man, then it would not be permissible.Conditional Birth Control: What is mean by this is that at the time of reciting the marriage contract, the woman makes a condition that for a certain period of time or for as long as they are married, she would use birth control and her husband also accepts this condition.It is permissible to have one’s tubes tied (Tubal Ligation - Tubectomy) to prevent pregnancy as long as this procedure is temporary (reversible) and would not lead to a woman being permanently unable to conceive nor would this act cause any sort of life-threatening conditions. In addition, once the tubes have been re-opened, she would once again have the ability to conceive. In other than this scenario, it would not be permissible to perform the Tubectomy. The ruling on having one’s tubes tied (Tubectomy or Vasectomy) is the same for both men and women (as has been mentioned above).In using any of the methods of birth control that are available, it is essential for the woman to have the consent of her husband and the wife is not permitted to go forth and use any of the methods without first taking the approval of her husband.
There are different types of Tablets and injections are used which have many side effects for the health of women.benefit of many children and the side effects of the birth control. Two years breast feeding is very important for baby. All these topics are written in this must read this knowledge full book and share with friends on face book and twitter. You can also download this book free of cast.   

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Babies Islamic names is Beautiful book about babies Islamic names and there meaning.This book also have some topics about Aqeeqa.Male babies names and Female babies name are separately listed in this book.Sunnat way of Aqeeqa.This Book have the Great names of Babies , Historically names,old name new names,So read this book and share with friends on facebook and twitter and get the good comments from friends,You can also download this complete book from this website.

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Way of Islamic Bathing is beautiful Book about bathing.It cover many topic like Islamic way of Bathing, wastage of water during bathing is not allowed in Islam.The difference of Lady bathing and gents bathing, The bathing under shower, the bathing into the river or sea and the bathing in Bathroom, When bathing is important for Muslim mean whose are the occasion on which bathing is very important for Muslim or Non Muslim. so read this book for complete way and knowledge of bathing. Share this beautiful Islamic Book with friends on Facebook and twitter.Benefits of Bathing With Cold Water and Warm water.

Mostly people generally want to bath in warm water than cold water. In fact, with more cold shower health benefits that you can get a hot shower instead.

You must know that a cold shower can help boost metabolism, prevent post-exercise muscle injury and regulate levels of uric acid in your body. There are few other benefits of a cold shower that you can get Healthmeup quoted as saying the following:

(a). Male fertility: Perhaps there are very few people know this fact, that a cold shower can increase fertility in men. On the other hand, a hot shower is bad for your testicles, because it can potentially lower the sperm count. If you want to plan on having a child, it's time to bathe in cold water. Think again if you plan to visit the sauna or steam bath.

(b). Increase blood circulation to remove toxins: When the cold water on the surface of the skin, blood vessels beneath the skin will shrink. This reduces the blood circulation, but at the same time the mechanism of blood pressure and it will automatically destroy the target tissue. This causes the blood to circulate with greater impetus, so that blood flow becomes stronger in the increasing circulation.

(c). Build up immunity:if You want to increase white blood cells. Bathe in cold water, because it will increase your metabolism, which in turn increases body heat and revive the immune system by releasing white blood cells.

(d). Increase metabolism: When a person feels cold, they will usually wear a sweater to warm the body. As, when your body is doused in cold water, your body will automatically produce heat, which makes the body's metabolism to increase rapidly. That's when carbohydrates and fats are burned to make you feel warm.

(e). Prevent injury: When you perform physical activity, the muscles will become inflamed and you need time to make your muscles become relaxed. To increase strength and muscle mass, your muscle fibers will swell and shrink. Therefore, to prevent rupture of muscle fibers due to excessive physical activity, wash with cold water.

(f). Additional benefits: a cold shower can reduce chronic pain, reduce body aches, improve hair health, kidney function, reduce inflammation and regulate the autonomic nervous system.

(g). Cold water and the rhythms of the body: Cold water can deepen your breathing and helps fight fatigue. Even if you are having trouble sleeping, take a cold shower membrane believed to be sleeping more soundly. So you must prefer the cold water on warm water for bating.

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How are your children

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This is beautiful book about your children mean your generation. This book have many topics like rites of parent, the responsibilities of children and the same time responsibilities of parents. Our children are our identification which may be good or bad it depend on us mean parents.If give the good manners to your children they will behave better in your old age.You should be justice between your children and behave them equally specially Between daughters and son. So you must read this Book and share with friends on Facebook and twitter. And download free from this blog.Follow these steps for the health of your children.Strength training is the practice of using free weights, weight machines, and rubber resistance bands, or body weight to build muscles. With resistance the muscles have to work harder to move. When the muscles work harder, they grow stronger and more efficient and correctely.
Strength training can also help fortify the ligaments and tendons that support the muscles and bones and improve bone density, which is the amount of calcium and minerals in the bone. And the benefits may go beyond physical health. Young athletes may feel better about themselves as they get stronger.
The goal of strength training is not to bulk up. It should not be confused with weight lifting, bodybuilding, and powerlifting, which are not recommended for kids and teens. In these sports, people train with very heavy weights and participate in modeling and lifting competitions. Kids and teens who do those sports can risk injuring their growing bones, muscles, and joints.
Age Guidelines
Generally, if your child is ready to participate in organized sports or activities such as baseball, soccer, or gymnastics, it is usually safe to start strength training.
A child's strength-training program shouldn't just be a scaled-down version of an adult's weight training regimen. A trainer who has experience in working with kids should design a program for your child and show your child the proper techniques, safety precautions, and how to properly use the equipment.
Kids as young as 7 or 8 years old can usually do strength-training activities such as pushups and sit-ups as long as they show some interest, can perform the exercises safely, and follow instructions. These exercises can help kids build a sense of balance, control, and awareness of their bodies.
Specific exercises should be learned without resistance. When proper technique is mastered, small amounts of resistance body weight, band, or weight can be added. In general as kids get older and stronger, they can gradually increase the amount of resistance they use. A trained professional can help your child determine what the appropriate weight may be.

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Searching Of Good bride or Groom for marriage
A beautiful Book about the searching of Good bride or groom for marriage of daughters and sons. which qualities are must be available in your searching relations, which is best Love marriage or Arrange marriage, Major stoppages in daughters marriage, best time of marriage, why tallaq is so early in marriage life what are major reasons behind Tallaq, The All these topic and much more cover this Book so read this book and share with friends on Facebook and twitter and download free.Researching female ancestors is a challenge for many reasons, not the least of which is the status of women in earlier times, which limited their rights and prevented their names from appearing in official records. The issue has been further complicated with the practice of women taking their husband's name after marriage, in many ways erasing her past. And the further back we go, when less is known on a first-hand basis, the more complicated the task.
However, there are many records that can reveal the maiden names of our female ancestors and many others that can be used in combination to suggest and confirm. And because some of the sources may not be as accessible as others or may be more intimidating to research, beginning researchers may avoid them altogether. Fortunately, more and more of records are being digitized and indexed, creating greater access; but networking with others is also key in accessing information -- different people may have different parts of the puzzle and you may find someone who has already researched the record you need.One very good way to begin networking to find a female ancestor's maiden name is create a Message Board query and put it out there for the world to see, and it may not be a distant relative that responds, but someone else with the knowledge and a generous spirit. At the same time, be sure to verify the accuracy of any work obtained from others.
One key point to make if you are having difficulty in locating your ancestor's maiden name is to look beyond her records to of all records of her siblings, children, husband, and extended family  on this step cannot be overstated. In addition, you may very well find key information in the records of others with whom your ancestor was associated. for example, you may not be able to tell at first glance if one of those others  is a relative: whenever you find associated names of others in the course of your research, follow it through.There are many places where a woman's maiden name might be found, and the "best" record is the one that contains the information So, in effect, there is no "best" record. The following are some of the more likely and accessible places to check, along with some that might very well contain maiden names but require a little more digging.

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Marriage Problems and Their Islamic solutions
A Book about the marriage problems and their Islamic solutions. It is very Beautiful book which has many topics like, why the husband and wife are facing different problems in their beautiful marriage life.Stories of different persons that are facing such problems like Unlucky man, Unlucky women.In this book beautiful directions are available if wife and husband follow that directions their problems definitely finished. So read this book share your friends on Facebook and twitter. You can also Download this Book on free of cast on this Blog.Make an actual appointment with each other, Shimberg says. If you live together, put the cell phones on vibratration, put the children to bed, and let voicemail pick up your phone calls.If you can't communicate without raising your voices, go to a public spot like the library, park,visiting point or restaurant where you'd be embarrassed if anyone saw you screaming.Set up some rules and regulation. Try not to interrupt until your partner is through speaking, or ban phrases such as You always or You never.Use body language to show you're listening. Don’t doodle, look at your watch, or pick at your nails. Nod so the other person knows you're getting the message, and rephrase if you need to. For instance, say, What I hear you saying is that you feel as though you have more chores at home, even though we're both working. If you're right, the other can confirm. If what the other person really meant was, Hey, you're a slob and you create more work for me by having to pick up after you, he or she can say so, but in a nicer way.These are some solution for married persons.

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Four Marriages of women at One time
Why the four marriages of women at single time is not allowed in Islam. Know the basic reasons behind that. The major reason is that their is no identification of children and their fathers.Trues stories of that problems.Increasing women’s access to modern contraceptive methods alone will not satisfy their unmet need for contraception, according to “Reasons for Contraceptive Nonuse Among Women Having Unmet Need for Contraception in Developing Countries like USA and Uk a new study by Gilda Sedgh and Rubina Hussain of the Guttmacher Institute. The most common reasons married women give for not using a contraceptive method despite wanting to avoid a pregnancy have less to do with whether they can obtain contraceptives and much more to do with concerns about possible health risks of side effects or their belief that they do not have sex frequently enough to warrant using a single method.Among married women who were not using contraceptives, on average 4-8% of those in Asia, Africa and Latin America attributed their non use to lack of access. However, in a few countries, lack of access was a significant barrier. This reason for nonuse was cited by 18–23% of women in Benin, Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville, Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea, and by 17% of women in the Philippines.The researchers found that 23–28% of married women in all three regions who had an unmet need for contraception said they were not using a method because they had experienced or were worried about side effects or health risks. These concerns were especially prevalent in Southeastern Asia (36%) and Eastern Africa (32%). Concerns about side effects and health risks were significantly more common in countries with high levels of unmet need than in countries with the lowest levels of unmet need.The sevey, which analyzed data from the most recent Demographic and Health Surveys of 51 developing countries, found that approximately one-third of married women seeking to avoid pregnancy in Latin America and Asia and one-fifth of such women in Africa reported that infrequent sex was a primary reason for nonuse. In Asia, nonuse for this reason is becoming more common and was especially prevalent in Nepal (73%) and Bangladesh (58%). The authors suggest that an increase in the number of couples who live apart because of labor migration might help explain this phenomenon.There is a pressing need to further strengthen family planning services to ensure that they provide women with counseling on their risk of pregnancy, with information on possible side effects and health risks of specific methods, and with a wide range of methods to choose from,” said Sedgh. “The findings also highlight the need for investment in new technologies that better address the concerns and needs of womenin cluding methods with fewer side effects that are easily used by women who have sex infrequently.A substantial number of women across the developing world reported that they were not using contraceptives because they had recently given birth or were breast-feeding. Exclusive breast-feeding is considered an effective method of contraception if the woman has given birth within the last six months and has not resumed her menstrual cycle. However, in 43 of the countries studied, fewer than half of the women who cited breast-feeding as their reason for nonuse met these conditions.These findings come at a critical moment, as the international community and national governments increasingly recognize that meeting women’s contraceptive needs not only promotes their health and well-being, but also enhances gender equity, reduces poverty and strengthens societies said Susan Cohen, Acting Vice President for Public Policy at the Guttmacher Institute.The study provides key insights from women themselves that should guide future investments, policies and programs to enable more women to meet their childbearing goals and more countries to meet their development goals and will get the treasure of knowledge in this book so must read this book and share with friends on Facebook and twitter .You can Also download This Book.

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Going to Graveyard Of Women
This Book is related this topic that why the women are not allowed to going in graveyard in Islam.what are reasons behind this.Ladies are also not allowed to going to mosque.We heard that the reasons behind women not being able to visit the graveyard is because the people in the graves are able to see people that are alive. But this doesn't make any sense to us, and we are little confused, because our sisters and mothers would like to visit our relatives graves, and have visited, but we feel awkward not knowing if it is permissible or not?
we don't see anything wrong with it my self, but please do clarify this situation.The reason for prohibiting women from visiting graves is the ahaadeeth of the Prophet (peace be upon him) mentioned in question #127. It is not because dead people can see their visitors. This reason is invalid and the rules of the world of the dead people are different from the rules dealing with the world of living people. If the reason for prohibition was the ability of the deceased to see people who are alive naked, then it would also be prohibited for men to visit the graves.You need to encourage your mother and sister to make du'aa (supplication) for your frelatives, as this offers the greatest benefit to the deceased, and it is much better than the the visit. Tell them that this du'aa will benefit him whenever and wherever the person making the du'aa is, whether he or she is near the grave or far away from it.We ask Allaah to have mercy upon your deceased, and to give you patiencefor your loss. The person that is inside the grave is see the women or men who goes to his grave , Read this beautiful Book this book have many topics related women so all women read this book and tried to avoid to go the grave must share this book with friends and relatives on face book and twitter .

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