14 September, 2015

Yazeedi Lashkarion Ka Injam e bed

Worst end of Yazeed and His Friend. This Book is about the worst end of Yazeed and his friends from time to time how they dead by difficulty and how the bad way. Every Muslim know and it is real that yazeed is very cruel man who siad that he is muslim but he is worst and cruel man that Oppressiveness on Hazrat Imam Hussain رضی اللہ عنہ , his Holy Family and His Friends the true Muslim. This Big wrongdoing is remembered by whole Muslim world. So Read this Book and Share with Friends and visit more Books on www.bestislamicbooks.blogspot.com

Worst end of Yazeed and His Friend      {یزید اور اسکے ساتھیوں کا برا انجام}

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