16 January, 2015

History of Mughal king Shahjehan Akbar Badshah , Akbari Dharm

History of Mughal king Shahjehan Akbar Badshah.I share this beautiful and Historical book of the life and complete histry of Mughal King Shahjahan Akbar. This book tell us that the King Akbar is Muslim or Non Muslim, The Time of Mughal kings and way of Government of that Mughal Kings the Mistakes by the leaders of that times. in This Post i also share some screen shots of this books. This book has a large numbers of topics that you really like and want to be share with your friends. This Book tell us that King what things get and which things loose.

History of Mughal king Shahjehan Akbar Badshah

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What are the Qualities of Mughal shahjehan Akbar. and what are the Bad habits of King Akbar This book is the basically in Other language but this is translated in Urdu for us mean for us Urdu Speaking.  King Akbar get the The marriages more then Four which are not Allowed for Muslim. and much more interesting topics are available in this Book read share and enjoy. I expect that you really like this book do not forget to share this book on face book and give me comments about this book.
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