09 November, 2014

Malfozat e Attaria, Guide Line For HaJJ and UMRA

Guide Line For HaJJ and UMRA .This Beautiful Book has many topics related Hajj and UMRA. There are many things and actions that is not allowed to Muslim during Hajj and Umra and many Muslim are unknown from that so this book is very important for All Muslim whose going for Hajj and Umra. I pray that Allah give a chance of Hajj and Umra to Every Muslim. The lucky Muslim that goes to Hajj and Umra i requested that please pray for me. Download this Book and bring to Makkah with your other luggage for getting guide line about Hajj and Umra and share this Book with friends to Help them and give him the great knowledge about Hajj and Umra.

Guide Line For HaJJ and UMRA

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Muhammad Haseeb


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Good post! Thanks for sharing. Really very useful and informative post.

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