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Two Books about QURBANI

These two book are the complete guide of Qurbani. The order of qurbani in the Quran and Ahadith . When do the qurbani .The types of animals use in qurbani. 

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The age of Qurbani animal.How we buy the Qurbani Animal. Distribution of meat of Qurbani in Islamic point of view.Qurbani (or Udhiyya as the Shariah refers to it) has become synonymous with Eid-ul-Adha, the festival of sacrifice.  It is a time when all Muslims all over the world commemorate the ultimate sacrifice of Nabi Ebrahim (Alehissalam) and Nabi Ismail (Alehissalam).  However it is disheartening to learn that Muslims fail to respect the basic rights of animals and are ignorant of Islamic injunctions pertaining to sacrifice.  Many a times Muslims through their actions unconsciously transgress the Shari’ah.   This guide hopes to be a reminder to Muslims of these basic rules and the responsibilities of those performing Qurbani. Almighty Allah says in the Holy Quran (Chapter 22 Verse37): ‘It is nor their flesh, nor their blood that reaches Allah, but to Him is acceptable observance (piety) of duty on your part.
The wisdom of the Islamic rules of slaughtering is to take the animal’s life in the quickest and the least painful way; the requirements of using a sharp knife and of cutting the throat relate to this end.  The main intent is to be kind to the animal and spare it unnecessary suffering insofar as this is possible.The Prophet (Salay ala Muhammad)saw a man who was sharpening his knife after laying down a sheep to be slaughtered, the Prophet (Salay ala Muhammad) rebuked him saying: ‘Do you intend to make it die two deaths? Why did you not sharpen your knife before laying it down?Qurbani can be made from the 10th of Zil Haj after the Eid Khutba till sunset on the 12th of Zil Haj (3 days).  It is preferable to perform Qurbani on the 10th day of Zil Haj.  Animals bought with the intention of Qurbani but were not slaughtered by the 12th of Zil Haj should be donated to charity while alive.  Qurbani is Waajib on every Muslim, male or female that has reached puberty, is sound of mind and has more than the NISAAB (+/- R3000,00) at that time.  Qurbani is a Waajib obligation every year on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha and not a once in a lifetime duty.  Qurbani can be undertaken on behalf of another person provided that prior consent is received from the person.  It is permissible to make Qurbani in the name of Rasoolallah  (Salay ala Muhammad) or any other deceased Muslim as naffil Qurbani on condition that the person making the Qurbani has discharged  his own (Waajib) Qurbani. The animal should be chosen from healthy stock without any visible defect.
    Sheep and goats must be at least one year old and count as one share.
    Cattle must be at least two years old and count as 7 shares per animal.
    Camels must be at least five years old and count as 7 shares per animal.
    Animals should not be blinded, emaciated (sick), toothless or with broken limbs, preferably the ears and tail should be whole, but not a necessity.
    Sharpen your knife prior to putting the animal down for slaughter.
    Ensure that the correct size knife is used to slaughter the animal swiftly.
    Feed the animal, give the animal water and sooth the animal, show kindness and mercy to the animal.Ensure the area of slaughter is clean and clear of live animals.
    Make provision for Blood drainage, fly control and general cleanliness.
    Lead the animal to its slaughter humanely.  Once Umar (RA)saw a man dragging a sheep by its leg to be slaughtered, he said: ‘Woe to you! Lead it to its death in a decent manner.’  Do not abuse or torture the animals.
    Do not perform the slaughter process in front of other live animals.
    Maintain strict hygiene standards.According to the Shari’ah, the legal purification of the flesh of animals requires that the following conditions be met.Make your intention.
    It is preferable to make the throat of the animal face the Qibla; (Mustahab)
    Using a sharp knife swiftly cut the windpipe, the gullet and the two jugular veins, do not sever the entire head.Recite the name of Allah (S. W. T.) Tasmiyah, while slaughtering the animal (Preferably aloud).It is preferable for one to perform the Qurbani if it belongs to him provided he/she is able to slaughter properly otherwise he/she should entrust it to someone to slaughter on his behalf.  (Women are also permitted to perform the slaughter).
    Skinning of the animal should only commence once the animal stops kicking.
    Keep meat and offal separate, clean and refrigerate as soon as possible.It is preferred that the meat be divided into three parts. One part for own use, one part for relatives and one part for the poor and needy (preferably Muslims).The meat and skin cannot be given as payment for services rendered BUT may be given as a gift.The skin may be kept for personal use, or given to someone else or donated to an organisation.Give such meat as you would yourself like to receive and eat.Ensure that meat is given to reputable organisations for distribution to the needy.Do not waste.  Answers of the different Question about qurbani. The Best way of qurbani. This Book is very important for All Muslim.You read this book and share with friends on facebook and twitter.


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