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Two Complete Books of Marriage Guide These Books are Gifts for Married Persons


These Books are Gift for married persons specially for newly married. These Books contain a lot of topic about marriage, like discussion on different types of diseases and their medically and Islamic solutions,First night of marriage in Urdu,( Suhag rat) , how celebrate the first marriage night,Farrelly advises new parents to remember they have two roles.You are both a mother and a wife or a father and a husband. You must make a pact that you will not stop being friends and lovers just because you are mums and dads.New parents “need to renegotiate” their relationship, Farrelly believes. He urges them: “Make a plan. Set a division of labor and time, and make a commitment to having fun and recreation in your life.I found Farrelly’s chapter on the relationship a married couple has with the spouse’s families of origin of considerable interest, especially since it imparts some fairly obvious and important  insights in a down-to-earth manner not often heard. When it comes to repeating sometimes negative patterns of life learned in their families of origin, Farrelly says.“Remember that you are not your parents! Sure, you share many of the same strengths and weaknesses, but you have the power to make different decisions. … If you don’t want to repeat the mistakes of your parents, learn from them.The author’s analysis of family-of-origin issues is insightful throughout. Let me single-out two other comments he makes.Part of what it means to have your own identity as a couple is that conflicts are resolved without the involvement of in-laws.Respect your mother-in-law and father-in law. Remember, they are the parents of someone very special – your spouse. If you are a parent of a married child, your son-in-law or daughter-in-law is very special because they are your child’s life partner. That said, it is best for each family to realize the independence of the other.For me, Farrelly’s discussion of communication was his book’s most compelling chapter. He distinguishes clear from vague communication, open from guarded and honest from dishonest, and concludes, “Simply put, there are two ways to communicate with others; effectively and ineffectively.For Farrelly, effective communication is direct and to the point; assertive – that is, “not afraid to state what is wanted or why”; congenial; clear; open, with “no intentionally hidden messages or meanings”; verbal – that is, “words are used to clearly express ideas”; two-way, with “equal amounts of talking and listening.In addition, effective communication is responsive, meaning attention is paid “to the needs and perspective of the other person”; on track, meaning it “correctly interprets responses and needs of the other person; and honest, meaning that “true feelings, thoughts and needs are stated.It takes “considerable practice” to become able to articulate thoughts and to be “certain that your spouse understands what you wish to say,” Farrelly writes. However, he states, “communication and relationships are inseparable; you cannot have a relationship with someone” without communicating with that person. Rites of wife and the rites of Husband, How you can enjoy the married life, So complete read this Book and enjoy, share with friends on facebook and twitter.

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