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Beautiful Book Sunnaten Aor Aadab

Beautiful Book Sunnaten Aor Aadab.This Book contain a lot of Sunnten that will change our life. Sunnat is basically a action or way of life that spend our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alehe wasalam. The sunnat way of sleeping ,the sunnat way of talking each others, the sunnat way of hair cutting, the sunnat way of nail cutting, The sunnat way of Eating food and drinking water, the sunnat way of walking, the sunnat way of bathing, the sunnat way of dressing, the sunnat way of treating guest and sunnat way of Hand shaking with each other. So read this Book and share with friends on Facebook and twitter. This Book and All other books of this blog are the gifts for Muslims so please share this blog address www.bestislamicbooks.blogspot.com with your friends and relatives and get regard on the day of Judgment from Allah.Click on book image for reading.


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