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Bachon k liay Qasas-ul-Quran ,Sonehry Qisay

A beautiful Book which contain the true stories from Quran e Pak of Different topics and Great personalities. It has the true stories of Hazrat younis(Alehe Salam), Hazrat Suleman (Alehe Salam), Bed of Queen Balqees , Hazrat Zakria (Alehe Salam), Hazrat Yakhya (Alehe Salam), Hazrat Iesa (Alehe Salam), First murder on the Earth, The end of Qaroon, paradise of Shidad and About the Respect of Hazrat Muhammad ( Sallahu Alhe Wasalam) and So much topic and true stories is available in this Book for Both Children and Parents, Read online and share with friends. open this Book for your children to improve their Islamic Knowledge. For reading Click on Book.

Beautiful True Stories from Quran e Pak for Children ( Bachon k liay Qasas-ul-Quran)(Sonehry Qisay)\

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