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Sonehri Kahanian ,Qasas-ul-Anbiya Bachon kay liay

It is a Beautiful Book about the Islamic Stories for Children. It has many stories of Anbiya (Alehe salam) for children. Give this book to your children for their Islamic knowledge. The Islamic knowledge of your children is improved by this beautiful Book. It has the story of Hazrat Adam  (Alehe salam) .The story of Hazrat Idrees (Alehe salam). The story of Hazrat Nuh (Alehe salam),Hazrat Saleh ( Alehe salam),Hazrat Ibrahim (Alehe salam),Hazrat Ismaeel (Alehe salam),Hazrat Ishaq (Alehe salam),Hazrat Loot (Alehe salam),Hazrat Yousaf (Alehe salam),Hazrat Shoaib (Alehe salam), Hazrat Moosa (Alehe salam),Hazrat Ayoub (Alehe salam), and Hazrat Dawood (Alehe salam).Open this book on internet and call your children for reading this interesting and knowledgeable book. And share with the parents of other children and facebook.Click on Book for reading this Book you can also download this book free of cast. 

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