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A book about Jin .The creation of jin .The types of Jinnat. Jin are also eat and drink .Hazrat Thanwi rahmatullahi alaihe has narrated that:- Once in the city of Kufa, in Iraq, a merchant arrived and was searching for a rented accommodation. All the properties were full and someone directed him to a house which was empty and believed to be haunted. He was so tired that he did not care and decided to rent the property. When he was retiring to bed a huge black jinn came in front of him. He immediately started to recite the ‘Ayatul Kursi’. The jinn also followed his recitation and when he read the words, ‘Wala ya’uduhu hifzuhuma’ (‘And their ( the sky and the earth) safeguarding does not burden him’) the Jinn could not follow and stopped. The person understood the consequences of the words and recited the same words again and again until the jinn faded away. The merchant went to sleep and in the morning when he got up he saw the burnt ashes in the place where the jinn appeared. He was burnt by the power of Allah.So we avoid such a way from jinnat The nikkah of Jin with human.why baby cry on birth time.Jinnat are also live in houses.A complete book about Jinnat read this wonderful book you really enjoy after reading this book.share this book on facebook and twitter with friend and give them these wonderful information about Jinnat.


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