23 December, 2015

Al Quran in Video and Audio play with your control

Dear friends today i will tell you a link of online Quran reading that has a lot of controls. You can listen the Quran in four following reciter.

Al Quran Reciter:

  1. Khalil Husari 
  2. As Sodays Shrayam
  3. Mishari Rashid
  4. Abdul Baasit
 Al Quran Translation of Following 

  1. Ahmed Raza Khan
  2. Ahmed Ali
  3. Fateh Muhammad Jalandhry 
  4. Abul A'la Maududi
  5. Tahir ul Qadri
Al Quran in Following Scrips
  1. Indopak
  2. Usmani
Other These Above facilities there are lot of Option for you to Read And Listen Al Quran in easy way online so this Blog  Best Islamic Urdu Books  Serve you better then before So visit this again and again and follow us on social media to updates.

Online Al Quran Link:(Will be open in new window so not worry)

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Muhammad Haseeb